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Fixed Orthodontics

Although it’s a common issue, uneven teeth can have an enormous impact on your self-esteem. Many of us think it gives the impression that we don’t look after our teeth and would prefer the symmetry of an even smile in photos. 

At Wells Orthodontics, we offer a wide range of orthodontic treatments to perfectly straighten all smiles – from adults to children, and simple misalignments to the most complex. 

Fixed metal braces

Fixed metal or ceramic braces are one of the most effective solutions for uneven teeth. These braces have the highest success rate for patients with more severe misalignments, as they can produce more movement than alternatives like Invisalign. 

Metal or ceramic braces are attached to the front of your teeth and apply consistent pressure to shape your jaw over time.

Teeth Whitening after treatment

Teeth whitening is the simplest and most affordable way to enhance your smile. Many people look and feel years younger after the treatment. Our professional products are designed for use under dental supervision and therefore are stronger and much more effective than over the counter products. Our teeth whitening gels are produced with a unique patented formula to achieve optimum results whilst remaining kind to the teeth. These carefully selected ingredients minimise sensitivity, help keep the teeth hydrated and have a pleasant mint flavour that leaves your mouth feeling really fresh.

Whether your teeth are discoloured due to lifestyle habits, medical treatments or simply through age, our teeth whitening gels can normally reverse these effects. Oxygen bubbles penetrate through the enamel and oxidise the pigmentation within the tooth lightening the tooth’s natural colour.

You will begin by having customised trays fabricated from impressions of your teeth. The trays will be made in-house by our specialist team, who will adjust the trays to ensure a perfect and comfortable fit.

Results are determined by the type of staining and the shade of your teeth to begin with. Most teeth can be lightened easily with great results. Your professional dental consultation will allow you to discuss how light you would like to go. Results can be long lasting with some very simple maintenance.

We offer discounts on teeth whitening for patients coming to the end of their orthodontic treatment with us.



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