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At Wells Orthodontics Limited achieving the best results possible for our clients is
paramount. To ensure this we employ qualified, experienced and enthusiastic professionals who offer only the very best in orthodontic services, and employ the latest technological applications. From orthodontic hygiene and tooth re-alignment to gumshields to protect
your new beautiful smile, we cover everything.

Orthodontic Hygienist

We are very pleased to be able to offer patients our orthodontic hygienist service. Richard Gregory, our hygienist / orthodontic therapist, offers a full scale and polish to all patients whilst in treatment. As an orthodontic therapist he is trained to be able to remove the wires for a complete scale and polish.

We have two hygienists and welcome anyone who would like to attend the practice for a scale and polish or oral health advice.

Very few of us have ever been taught how to maintain good oral health. We are delighted to be able to offer full oral hygiene instruction with our fully qualified oral health educator.

Orthodontic Brace Repairs

Emergencies in orthodontics are rare, however sometimes braces do break, become loose or cause irritations to your gums, lips or cheeks. We can advise you how to manage many of these situations; however others need to be addressed by us in the practice. In all instances call us first and we will determine your best course of action.

Clark Twin Block

This is a removable functional appliance, made of two components, an upper and lower, which work together to bring the lower jaw forward. This frees up the otherwise ‘lock-in’ lower jaw to grow to its full potential. The upper (and sometimes lower) also has an expansion screw to widen the upper arch. Mainly used in children, it achieves rapid functional correction of malocclusion, in other words it corrects large overjets (buckteeth).


These are protective appliances to prevent damage to teeth and gums especially for participants of full contact or high impact sports. There are different types and sizes. Signature® mouthguards for example, form the basis of our highly customised range that can be created (space permitting) to carry any design, slogan or symbol to reflect your personality.

WOW Occlusal Appliances

These appliances are non-invasive, acrylic devices used to aid and prevent occlusal problems (i.e. the relationship between the opposing teeth). If this occlusal relationship is not balanced properly it may result in pain, tenderness and even mobility of the affected teeth. This includes nightguards to stop people grinding their teeth at night, bite raising appliances, Michigan and Tanner splints and many more, all for the benefit of better balance and alignment of the opposing teeth.

WOW Removable Appliances (Lower & Upper)

These appliances are used to correct crooked teeth in either the lower or upper arch. They can have different designs to cater for moving different teeth. Some of the components within these appliances consist of springs such as T Springs, Cantilever Springs, Palatal Finger Springs and many more. There can also be screws such as expansion screws, piston screws, three dimensional screws etc. There are other components to aid retention and provide various movements also.

WOW Retainers

These appliances are used to retain the final result of your orthodontic treatment so relapse (the migration of your teeth back to their original position) doesn’t occur. There are different types such as Essix Retainers, which are the most common, but also include Bonded Retainers, Hawley Retainers and many more.

WOW Space Maintainers

These appliances keep space in the arches to allow for non-impeded eruption of teeth or to keep space readily available for future growth. In other words they are used if a primary tooth is lost before the permanent tooth is ready to come in or if a permanent tooth is missing.

And Remember…

During your consultation the options will be explained that offer the best treatment experience and results, taking into consideration your lifestyle and your own personal commitment to the care and management of the products used. What may sound good on paper may not always actually suite your needs, that is why we will ‘walk’ and ‘talk’ you through the orthodontic journey to your best ‘WOW’ smile!

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