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Wells School Programme

The schools’ programme from Wells Orthodontics Limited is designed to help pupils and parents gain a clear understanding of the treatments in order to better manage the on-going care and costs.

Orthodontic treatment corrects irregularities of the teeth or developing jaws to improve the function and appearance of the mouth and face. At Wells Orthodontics we offer the very latest in orthodontic technology and provide specialist advice and care, helping you to feel more confident about your teeth and allow you to be the best you can be.

We have braces particularly suited to musicians playing wind or brass instruments because they can be removed when playing. This means you can continue to make progress on your instrument whilst creating your confident smile. We know how vulnerable your teeth can be whilst playing major contact sports. Our gum-shields are specifically moulded to fit your specialist in-house team, who will adjust the gum-shields to ensure maximum comfort, protection and a perfect fit. Our gum-shields can also be designed in your school team colours at no extra cost.

How The Programme Works…

In association with your school we will be running clinics throughout the academic year. We can liaise directly with the pupil’s parents/medical centre/school and inform them of appointment dates. Appointments can be made and checked through our online e-pointment system. Regular progress reports and appointment reminders can be sent directly to parents via email. Making payments is also easy, we can arrange a payment programme that suits your needs.

“Dear Jenny and team, this is a quick email to thank you all so much for the marvellous new look and healthy bite Lucy is enjoying thanks to your work. She is delighted, and looking at the before and after photos, the change is amazing. Thank you for the highly professional and very welcoming service all your staff gave us, and for your very encouraging and positive approach.”
Sue and Lucy Wade

Your Questions Answered…

When should I have my first appointment? Most young people begin treatment around the age of 12 or 13, once all the permanent teeth have erupted. The orthodontist will examine your mouth. You may well have X-rays and/or photographs taken. Impressions of your teeth will also be needed before treatment starts. The orthodontist will then want to discuss the possibilities for treatment with you and agree how to proceed.

Will I need extractions? Correcting the teeth often requires additional space. Extractions may be needed if sufficient space cannot be created in other ways. This decision is taken as part of the orthodontic assessment. Advances in treatment methods mean that extractions are actually needed less frequently.

Will treatment be painful? Fitting a brace is not painful. However for a few days afterwards the teeth and gums will almost certainly ache as the teeth start to move. Your cheeks can also get sore until they are used to the brace. There may also be some aching after the brace is adjusted from time to time. If necessary take your usual painkillers until things settle down.

Should I have check-ups with my own dentist during orthodontic treatment? Yes definitely; the orthodontist only looks after the braces. Your teeth are actually at greater risk during orthodontic treatment and it is particularly important that you keep up regular contact with your own dentist.

Adults’ Concerns Answered…

The vast majority of orthodontic patients are schoolchildren. As orthodontic treatment may involve appointments during the school day and impact on your children/pupils you may find the following helpful…

How is treatment carried out? Orthodontic treatment is carried out with braces of various types. Some simple movements of the teeth can be carried out with removable appliances, which should be worn full time. Although they cover the palate, interference with speech after the first day or two is uncommon and may be a sign of intermittent wear. Treatment to correct the growth of the jaws is often started earlier and is with more complicated removable appliances which engage with both upper and lower teeth.

Why are appointments so frequent? At the outset, several appointments may be required to assess the problem, take records, arrange for any extractions and fit the appliances. Subsequently the patient will need to be seen every 8-10 weeks to assess progress and to have adjustments carried out.

How long will the treatment go on? Active treatment typically lasts between 18 and 24 months. Retainers are then fitted to hold the position of the teeth.

Why Wells Orthodontics?

Based in Somerset, Wells Orthodontics is owned by Dr Jennifer Kingston.

With decades of experience we are a highly motivated team dedicated to the provision of specialist orthodontics and the very best of care for our patients.

Our five surgeries are equipped with the very latest orthodontic technology including a digital imaging centre helping our patients achieve great oral health and a sparkling smile. We also have our own in-house lab for creating custom braces and gumshields. The practice has a modern comfortable waiting area on the ground floor where patients can see the latest advances in orthodontic treatment on our plasma screen.

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