Our facilities and services for Dentists

Replacement retainers

Lingual retainers can be provided for patients who may need a replacement, currently available at £275.00 per arch. We usually recommend that the patients wear an Essix retainer over the top in bed at night.

We can also provide

Do you have a hygienist? – hygienist visits available for your patients, whether in braces or not average cost £50.00 per visit.

We have a fully qualified Oral Health Educator, appointments £25.00 per visit.

We are able to offer a digital radiography service – we can email these for a speedy diagnosis.

Panoral, Cephalometric  Occlusal radiographs to your prescription.

Laboratory Service

Our fully qualified dental laboratory technician Ben is available to provide the following:

Bruxism devices, Snoring devices, custom Gum Shields. Whitening trays. Replacement Essix retainers.

We are going to have some open evenings for GDPs, dates coming up. Invitations will be sent.  These evenings will provide CPD.

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